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Anxiety related testimonials

With our "modern" faced paced life and need to survive, stress can be high for years, ultimately adversely affected the nervous system, thus, leading to many conditions such as chronic anxiety.   The basic protocol includes eating habit guidelines, specific wholefood supplement recommendations as needed, relaxing and/or sleepy herbal teas as needed, and an [Ayurvedic] herbal tonic to be taken daily to support the adrenal glands and nervous system.  Rapid improvement is experienced in almost cases but a person's lifestyle and stress levels are major factors. 

Details of my anxiety and stress reduction approach

"After just couple days of taking the calming tea and adrenal tea, my daily rhythm improved and I felt much better."

"Dear Khabir, thank you for your service. After just couple days of taking the calming tea and adrenal tea, my daily rhythm improved and I felt much better. Slept like a baby and after taking recommended spices before food honestly speaking I started to eat normally with a normal appetite feeling. I wake up and I feel I am hungry. Before was completely opposite. I am grateful to meet you and to cooperate with you. Hope to meet with you again. Sincerely," Tanja Dimitrijevic, Dubai, UAE, February 2017

"I can’t believe that my health has improved as well as my Sleep..."

"With today's hectic lifestyles, I’m very tense and often have  trouble sleeping. I discovered herbal teas, when I meet Khabir. I have noticed that there is nothing like a soothing cup of herbal tea. Once I found out its healing remedies, I have taken them daily. I can’t believe that my health has improved as well as my sleep.Million thanks Khabir for the Natural path you have led me to. I’m very pleased." Zahra Alami, Rabat, Morocco, May 2013

""If anyone out there is experiencing anxiety . . . .I recommend Khabir."

"If anyone out there is experiencing anxiety, insomnia, depression, panic attacks, from my experience I would advise you to . . . try a natural approach first and I recommend Khabir. He's herbs and treatments really WORKS!!" Isha J., Washington, DC, August 2016

" sleeping issues disappeared within a few days."

"I suffered from insomnia most of my life; so lack of sleep stresses me out. After drinking Khabir's herbal teas my sleeping issues disappeared within a few days.  He greatly improved my health and I'm very grateful for that.  In addition, he is professional, knowledgeable, and overall just fantastic!" Yasmin Himish, Rabat, Morocco, April 2013

"Today, my mind is much more calm..."

" Today, my mind is much more calm, my body is starting to function smoothly, and my overall well being is getting higher and higher every day.  The transformation that's happening to me has opened up my life to the science of Ayurveda, and I am now making it my life's study. Thank you Khabir." Ashkon Ashjazadeh, Asheville, NC, July 2016

"...stress levels definitely down."

"Energies are much calmer and more balanced, stress levels definitely down. Thanks to those wonderful teas, I’ve fairly effortlessly eliminated coffee, red meat and ice cream/sugar from my diet." Stephen Karcher, Ojai, CA, April 2011

"[The] Calming powder is really helping in those times of anxiety..."

"[The] Calming powder is really helping in those times of anxiety and also aiding me in getting a good, deep sleep and waking up feeling refreshed and not hungover in the morning."  Jennifer Adams, TN, November 2014

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