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Pain and inflammation related testimonials

To treat pain a holistic approach is necessary. The program includes an anti-inflammatory diet, whole-food supplements, analgesic [pain reducing] herbal remedies, detoxification as needed and herbal oils used topically.  Individually, each therapy helps improve the condition to some degree but it is the right combination and proper application of each therapy that produces favorable results.  This approach is very effective for joint and muscle pain, as well and nerve pain and intestinal pain with different herbs and dietary guidelines per individual.  The testimonials below show that pain relief is available and there is no need to suffer in most cases. Khabir

"No more aches and pains. "

"When I came to see Khabir the first time 5 months ago, I was about 10 pounds heavier.  I was congested, sluggish, constipated, brain fogged and poor memory, sleep deprived due to having to get up all night long to urinate, and I had so many aches and pains throughout my body I was grumpy all the time.   He gave me a thorough consultation and made sure I understood what needed to be done.  He gave me a complete protocol for what to eat with handouts.  He made me take notes on what I needed to do.  I left Khabir's office that first day, only to come back 3 months later a new woman!  Khabir's consultation and herbs were what I needed to lose the weight, get my energy and body back, and have a life again!  He taught me how to eat.  I love the diet he gave me and it turned out to be so good for me.   My sleep is so good now.  No more getting up all night to urinate.  No more aches and pains.  Lots of energy.  I have my memory.  I feel 20 years younger like I got myself back!  Do yourself a favor and get a consult with Khabir.  You'll be glad you did!"  Marguerite Deselms, Los Angeles CA, March 2019

"I just wanted to thank Khabir for helping me with my migraine."

"I just wanted to thank Khabir for helping me with my migraine. The headaches were so bad that I could not get out of bed, I have a family to look after and not being able to work is the worst feeling in the whole word. I changed the type of food I eat based on his diagnosis and knock on wood, I haven't had any headaches for 2 months. I will keep coming back for his advice, he is a life saver." Bruce C., Ojai, CA, December 2013 (via Yelp)

"[with IBS] I went from up to 8 movements a day to 2-3 a day..."

"I have been battling Endometriosis for 6 years. From cysts, IBS, bladder infections, fatigue, chronic intense pain all month long, even worse on my period have been my symptoms and to say the least has been taxing. I started the protocol the Dr, Khabir has started me on. I went from up to 8 movements a day (mal-nutrition and constant weight loss) to 2-3 a day. My energy level is back so much I have forgotten how to use it! My stomach settled and my poop pains kept getting less. After 3 weeks my pain was almost completely gone.  So thank you, Khabir. You have given me back my life. I am not always tired and weak and totally and mentally distraught anymore! " Molly McCabe, May 2018

" . . [herbal] oil has noticeably reduced my joint pain."

"There is no questions that the . . .[herbal] massage oil is not only very relaxing . . . [it] has noticeably reduced my joint pain. I look forward to my drive to Ojai . . . " Love, Alice James, Santa Barbara, CA, December 2012

" . . he helped me get rid of a stomach inflammation . . ."

"I met @khabirSouthwick a few weeks back [in Dubai] and left the consultation with a lot of positive tips regarding food and eating habits. Moreover, he helped me get rid of a stomach inflammation that had been bothering me on and off for years. So I truly invite my friends to meet this great healer." Elise Sarkis, Dubai, UAE, June 2016

"The swelling on my elbow went down . . ."

"When I came to see you last month I had a swollen elbow that prevented my working . . .  The swelling on my elbow went down right after you shared that my condition was an inflammation and provided an anti-inflammatory herbal tea mix." Robert Gluckson, Ojai, CA, August 2011

". . . your Nerve Pain & Headache tea . . . worked like a charm!"

"I had a terrible headache and neck and back pain yesterday and made your Nerve Pain & Headache tea and it worked like a charm! Thank you so much!" Bianca Acevedo, Redondo Beach, CA, April 2015

"You are a magician. The inflammation has been greatly reduced."

 " My spasms are mostly gone.  The inflammation has been greatly reduced.  Very little pain or stiffness.  in fact, I am feeling back on course energetically." Karen Stephens, Oak View, CA, August 2011

" . . . strong persistent abdominal discomfort was completely gone."

"[I had abdominal pain and bloating and Khabir gave a cup of his Happy Belly tea and] before my cup was fully drunk the strong persistent abdominal discomfort was completely gone. Khabir freely shares what he knows because he truly cares. A rare human being and pleasure to know." Tina Mae, Artist, Private Cook & Caregiver of Ojai, CA, March 2014

" I have less pain in my body,"

"I have been working with Khabir since April and I have had some amazing improvements to my health. I have less pain in my body, my knees are feeling better and I've lost 30 lbs. I have found that his  knowledge and support have been just what I needed." River, Ojai, CA, June 2011

" . . . managed to cut down on the pain medication I was on."

"I was suffering from severe pain in my lower back, buttocks and thighs, and it was diagnosed as sciatica pain. My orthopedic doctor said that I have a herniated disk in my lower spine and needed surgery. . . . I went to Khabir as a last resort and he gave me a 10 page instruction manual on my body type and the type of food I must consume . . .  I was ready to do anything and followed his advice and within a period of 2 weeks, my pain started easing. I was no longer having difficulty walking and managed to cut down on the pain medication I was on.  I am truly grateful that I found him." Donald B. Ojai, CA, December 2013 (via Yelp)

"I haven't had any fibro pain for 4 days now!"

"I just want to tell you that the herbs you suggested are working well!  I haven't had any fibro pain for 4 days now!  WOW!  The food, herbs, . . . are helping me. I went to the Doc last week and he said the blood work is "within normal range"." Elaine Eddy, Ojai, CA, May 2011

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