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Asthma Treatment

Herbal home-remedies with Ayurvedic dietary guidelines

Treatment details can be provided by appointment in Ojai or Santa Barbara, or by phone/Skype with herbal products mailed.


Asthma is a chronic form of cough and lung condition that can include gasping, wheezing and difficulty breathing. Causes include allergies or a lung diseases.  Bronchial asthma can be from any of the three doshas but is more often a Kapha imbalance.


Asthma is one of those health problems that Ayurveda theory believes is created by a buildup of toxins in the digestive tract. These toxins are carried through the body's channels into the area of the chest and lungs where they irritate the lining of the airways and create inflammation.  Toxins also begin to clog the channels of circulation that leads to the body's tissues – so cells are not properly nourished and even more impurities collect.  With such a large accumulation of toxins in the tissues, the body's natural defenses that react against impurities are pushed into overdrive. This reaction results in the lungs filling up with fluid and restricted airwaves: asthma!

An imbalanced nervous system can also make the symptoms of asthma even worse. Physical, emotional and mental stress is known to cause relapses of asthma and make symptoms worse.

The protocol

The protocol includes specific supplement recommendations, dietary guidelines, an allergy tea based on nettle leaf, a customized formula of Ayurvedic herbal formula and instructions for nasal cleaning with a neti pot.   Often requires liver detoxification and Emesis or Vomiting Therapy (Vamana) is very helpful for very chronic conditions.   (Acute asthmatic attacks can be dangerous and should be treated by a Doctor)

Acute wheezing is treated by bronchodilator herbs.  Long-term treatment requires tonification to rebuild the energy of the lungs. There are even special ayurvedic treatments involving the smoking of bronchodilating and anti-spasmodic herbs.

Diet and Lifestyle: Avoid smoking and exposure to dusty and cold air. Drinking herbal teas or sipping lukewarm water with honey is helpful. To avoid ama (mucus) formation, have freshly prepared warm meals at regular intervals. Eat less than the full capacity of the stomach. Heavy foods like dairy products, fried foods, pickles, cold foods and white rice should be avoided.

Therapy requires one private consultations (in Ojai, CA or by Skype) plus herbal products.

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Success Stories

Robert Linson, el Dorado, CA

"The lung formula is magic! Didn't have to take my inhaler. Good work!"  

Tony Miers, Santa Monica, CA

Khabir's approach to my lifelong breathing problems, asthma, was very effective. He changed my diet, recommended some supplements and gave me an herbal powder to take between meals followed by vomiting therapy which I have continued to do. It is hard for me to believe that no one told me about this ancient, simple and highly effective method. Thanks Khabir, you changed my life for the better.

Bonnie Daugherty, Santa Maria, CA

Just wanted to say thank you Khabir! I haven't needed any allergy medication and have gotten off my Advil. The best news is...I no longer need a pill to sleep or a pill to stay awake!

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